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Hi, My name is Maz, and I am a Toronto based photographer.  My work has been published in The Toronto Star, The YYZ Magazine, Toronto Life, and many other publications over the last  35 years I've been behind the lens.


I asked a friend to write the next bit. I am better with images, he is better with words


"Maz specializes in capturing the essence of his subjects. Whether it's a celebrity, athlete, musician or a CEO, Maz has a unique ability to connect with his subjects and bring out their authentic personalities.

He is a master of his craft and has a unique vision that sets him apart from other photographers. He is passionate about his work and takes great pride in creating beautiful images that tell a story."    W. Ashley Advertising Executive/ Producer

colour portrait of Maz getting ready to shoot


"The Sheriff" Sean M

My name is "The Sheriff" Sean McMorrow. I recently did a photo shoot at Maz studio.  My shoot with Maz was an incredible experience.  I felt comfortable, relaxed and confident ... Thanks Maz

Melody S.

Professional photographer who is fun to work with!

I met Maz in 2012 for my acting headshot. He was really easy to work with. He made me feel relaxed and let me be myself. I got many audition calls because of my headshots and as a starting-up actress it was amazing. Now, I go back to him every two years to take new headshots. I recommend his service to all my peers.

Martin R.

Great experience working with Maz Images
We hired Maz Images for our business head and studio shots. Very happy working with him during the day and with the finished products. Definitely recommend his services.

Phil S.

Maz is a fantastic photographer, one with a great personality, and his style is nothing short of magical. His photos have a depth that you can sense, an almost 3D effect. I like the way he frames his shots, and the way he works with light, playing with drama, capturing just the right moments. He's like a painter with a camera, a true artist. I can't recommend him more highly, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Anthony N.

Creativity, Attention to Detail, Fun
Working with Maz is always a pleasure. He mastery of his craft is apparent in the images. His love of working with people shows up on set and in the final product. Highly recommended!

Brad W.

Friendly, talented, and affordable

I have used Maz's services for many events, corporate and social. I refer his services and use them often. Always very pleased with the results.

Sonia M.

I met Maz almost 2 years ago and I only have good memories with him. He is able to make you comfortable without knowing you that much and when he gets to know you, he is always there to help if needed. He is not only a professional and creative artist but a good person too. I am completely sure you will have an amazing experience with him!

Victoria D.

I have had a few projects completed with Maz and he never disappoints. The first was a series of photos for the staff of a magazine, they turned out fantastic, uniform and gorgeous. He was even able to take great images of me, I am very shy in front of a camera. To this day I still use the photos on my own personal social media time to time.

Ada A.

He worked to my comfort level which quickly built up. Keeping it professional but also fun and easy-going, Maz creates a safe work space and makes his clients feel comfortable and good in their own skin.  Maz recognizes quality in work and in people and ensures to make both shine. I would highly recommend him again and again.

Joe L.

I have used Maz Studios on several occasions. Initially as a Student for his Portrait photography workshops, where I found Maz extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the art, including the interaction with the subjects. Subsequently I hired Maz to take images of commercial properties for our portfolio and the images were exactly what we wanted.

Roozbeh D.

Maz is simply one of the best photographers in GTA. Not only his work is absolutely fantastic, his great personality and sense of humour make everyone around him feel comfortable, happy and cheerful. He makes your photo shoot session a very unique, fun and wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

Cate H.

Top notch!
Best photographer I've ever worked with, super professional, friendly, easy to work with. A real pleasure!

Marcus R.

It's always a pleasure to work with Maz. Not only he knows his craft, he makes you feel at ease, at home and always manage a good mix of work and laughter. We've done many photo shoots together and the results always been above expectations. He is very talented and consistent in his work. I love working with him and highly recommend him!

Monica M.

My first experience with Maz Studios was 6 years ago.We have been working on different projects together since. It is never a dull moment in the studio. Always hard at work with the creation of new ideas, execution of works of art and finalization of finished products. It is a great place to develop ideas and push pass boundaries of creativity.

Chantria T.

Always professional and fun!
With Maz, you're not only guaranteed to get quality photos. You are also going to have an absolute blast getting them. His positive energy is contagious and makes it the ideal space for you to be authentically you.

Ange C.

Maz knows his stuff. He is great with technology, styling, working with models, lighting...everyone walked away learning something new. He can come up with big concepts for minimal budget and is funny to boot. Highly recommended.

Afrooz M.

Maz made me feel so comfortable and brought out the best in me :) Thanks Maz!!

Sarah K.

Working with Maz is not just about doing a gig but developing a relationship while you create art together. He has a great open concept space. He is a great listener and respects your opinions and shares his own.

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